Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspection

If you are considering building a custom new home, you may wish to consider allowing us to represent you during the construction process. Even the most creditable builder cannot oversee all the sub-contract labor required to complete the construction of a dwelling. We report directly to you after each phase of the construction inspection and provide you detailed documentation with digital pictures which you can then present to your builder for immediate resolution.

Our goal is to assure that your home is built to the highest standards, as the home is being built, as opposed to you identifying deficiencies after the house has been completed and you have taken possession. You will find it much less difficult to get deficiencies repaired if they are identified while the builder still owns the property as opposed to attempting to accomplish builder repairs after the builder has already received their money.

There are typically six (6) phases to a new construction inspection. We perform site visits and review the quality of work performed at the time of the foundation concrete pour, framing and roofing installation, plumbing installation, drywall installation, mechanical inspection at the time of water heater, furnace and air conditioner installation and then a final inspection prior to escrow closing.

11th Month Inspection

If you have missed the opportunity to have a new construction inspection during the actual construction of the dwelling, there is still time to protect yourself. Any reputable builder will offer a twelve month warranty for the homes they build. The warranty period begins on the day of escrow closing. If you do not identify and document any problems within the warranty period, you will own the deficiency and your request for repairs from the builder will fall on deaf ears.

We recommend that you schedule an inspection of the property in the 11thth month of your ownership, identify any deficiencies which exist and document those deficiencies immediately to the builder, in writing. The unbiased documentation we provide will allow you to document that your claim for repairs was submitted prior to warranty expiration.

You may be surprised at the number of deficiencies that exist after a house has settled for eleven months. Problems typically range from cracked furnace heat exchangers, cracks in the drywall, gas leaks, plumbing leaks, foundation flooring or wall cracks and structural movement or deflection, inefficient air conditioning and windows and doors which do not close properly due to structural settlement.